About Us

KTG AG is a Swiss based company with a focused on owning and operating energy infrastructure businesses in the Central Eastern Europe.

KTG AG provides the energy for development through:

  • Exclusive focus on emerging markets
  • Unwavering commitment to setting and maintaining world-class standards of operational, environmental, health and safety, and financial performance
  • Diversification across the energy value chain
  • Extensive local operating expertise to foster partnerships and develop opportunities
  • Financial discipline to weather risk and support growth


Our goal is to be the pre-eminent owner and operator of essential energy infrastructure businesses in emerging markets.

We strive to be a key participant in each of the markets where we operate. Our aim is to successfully manage the relationships with key stakeholders within these markets and to play an important role in the development of the communities we serve by providing the energy for development.


KTG AG is committed to delivering value for stakeholders through the responsible management of essential energy infrastructure businesses in emerging markets.

Reliable and cost-effective energy. We provide reliable and cost-effective energy to the communities we serve through efficient and safe operations and business practices grounded in the highest levels of integrity.

Local operating expertise. KTG AG’s local operating expertise, agility and financial resources enable it to focus exclusively on emerging markets.

World-class standards. KTG AG is dedicated to setting and maintaining world-class standards of safety, reliability and performance.

A valued partner. KTG AG provides the financial support, resources, high-level training and sharing of best practices to ensure our local operating companies achieve and maintain these world-class standards. We rely on our skilled local workforce to put these standards into practice every day. Their expertise and commitment to providing reliable energy in safe working environments make KTG AG a valued operator in the countries we serve.

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