Environmental permit obtained this week, soon i twill be obtained urbanization approval, the Plant in operation in 2012

Beginning of the construction of 230 MWe/ 170 MWt CCPP Zenica is expected in midyear, in June or July. Thsi week is expected to obtain environmental permit, and very soon an urbanization approval. Otherwise, from the moment of obtaining permits an investor has a period of one year and a half to two years for the construction.

The future CCPP Zenica will use kerosene as alternative fuel. It is planned to have in reserve
a certain amount of liquid fuel, extra light oil or kerosene, which would be used in case of possible shortages of gas in a short time period.

“There is absolutely no more doubts, we thank the Federal Government for recognizing the value of the project which means so much, especially for citizens of Zenica as well as for the Federation of BIH. For Zenica it represents one extremely profitable plant in the city, which is oriented to the export. consequently, Zenica and Zenica-Doboj Canton will become even stronger, although they are already the biggest exporter in the entity. Naturally, we would offer the electricity first to the State, but having in mind the current situation, I believe we will not have to do so, and therefore, we will be oriented for export” said the first man of KTG Zenica.

CCPP Zenica for the City of Zenica means: income, employment, resolving of a long-lasting problems of central heating systems, improvement of the networks for the heating supply, and on the other hand BH GAS would get the biggest consumer.

If it comes to the realization of this project, it would be the biggest post-war investment in BIH. With this project, the city of Zenica will achieve three objectives: safe resource of thermal energy for the district heating system, contribution to the ecology and the production of electricity.

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