Energy Sector in BiH

As regards the electricity sector in BiH, transmission activities are unbundled from electricity generation and supply. The independent system operator ISO BiH is responsible for the management of the transmission system, whereas the company Elektroprenos BiH is responsible for transmission, construction and maintenance of the grid. Both companies are state-owned.

As regards generation, distribution and supply of electricity, there are three main producers in BiH, which own approx. 98% of the generation capacity in BiH. As of 2010, total installed capacity of the generation facilities in BiH amounted to 3’665 MW. With more than 50% of total installed capacity, hydropower has the largest share (pump storage plants have a share of about 12%). Thermal power plants running on lignite and brown coal account for approx. 46 % of total installed capacity. Most of the hydropower and thermal plants were commissioned in the nineteen eighties. Transmission system in BiH

BiH is a net electricity exporting country. It is integrated in the South-eastern European market and has interconnections with the systems in Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia (see figure).

 Please refer to www.nosbih.ba as regards the detailed transmission system in BiH.


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