Ferrostaal and Christof to build a Combined Heat and Power plant in Zenica

Ferrostaal, Germany, and its consortium partner the Christof Group, Austria, will build a Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHPP) in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, representatives of both companies signed the contract with KTG Zenica, a project company owned by KTG AG, Switzerland, and the Municipality of Zenica.

KTG Zenica awarded the project to the Ferrostaal-Christof consortium on a full EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) basis. The plant will be built in phases with total installed capacity scheduled to come on stream in mid 2014. The gas fired plant with an electrical capacity of 240 MW and a thermal capacity of 170 MWth will have a high degree of flexibility to cover the fluctuating power demand in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will consist of two gas turbines and one steam turbine allowing variable operation in both open and combined cycle modes, with and without district heating.

The plant represents a total investment of over € 250 million and will contribute to the national grid and stabilize power supply conditions in the region, providing electricity for domestic needs and export. The new plant will also cover Zenica´s demand for a reliable source of thermal power for district heating purposes.

The plant is one of the largest investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the postwar period, which will improve the quality of life in Zenica and the region alike. This project will also bring new jobs and recruit companies from the field of manufacturing and services. In addition, the gas heating plant will, in the heating season, replace the current consumption of about 700 tons of coal per day thereby significantly contributing to pollution reduction.

The plant will be built to international standards and will comply fully with environmental codes and building standards and practices. The sourcing of the new plant is global with a large proportion of components and services coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina itself as well as from Germany and Austria.

About Ferrostaal AG
Ferrostaal AG, Essen (Germany), is a global provider of industrial services in plant construction and engineering. As a technology-independent system integrator, the company offers development and management of projects, financial planning and construction services for turnkey installations in the segments of Petrochemicals, Power, Solar, Oil & Gas and Special Projects. As a supplier-independent full service provider, Ferrostaal assembles complex modules for automotive manufacturers and suppliers, and trades as an independent sales and service partner with machines and installations in printing, plastics, packaging and recycling. Ferrostaal employs around 5,300 people in more than 40 countries. For more information, please visit www.ferrostaal.com.

About Christof Group
Christof Group, Graz (Austria), a family-run business, is active around the world in the core areas of plant and apparatus engineering, and as an integration specialist ensures individual end-to-end turnkey solutions as well as continued service of the provided plants. The Christof Group furthermore places a strong emphasis on the area of renewable energies.
With more than 40 years of experience and approximately 2.000 employees, the group understands the challenges of different markets, as well as the needs of its customers, and addresses the need to reduce complexity with core competencies in interface management. Combined with the know-how of 15 well-established subsidiaries, the Christof Group is able to achieve not only synergies but also considerable increases in effectiveness and efficiency. For more information, please visit www.christof-group.com

About KTG AG
KTG AG Switzerland is a Lugano based energy company duly incorporated under the laws of Switzerland with the focus of owning and operating energy infrastructure businesses in Central and South Eastern Europe.
The exclusive knowledge of the region and the well-built acquaintances in the area with an extensive local operating expertise to foster partnerships and develop opportunities, in addition to the unwavering commitment of setting and maintaining world-class standards of operational, environmental, health and safety, and financial performance, makes KTG group a reliable financial and discipline partner to minimize the investment risk and to support a long term growth. For more information, please visit www.ktg-ag.ch.

About the Municipality of Zenica
The Municipality of Zenica is a co-owner of KTG Zenica d.o.o. with a share of 25%. For the purpose of the project, Municipality has allocated land for building Combined Heat and Power Plant in the Industrial park Zenica 1. With this project, Zenica will have a quality source of heating energy sufficient to cover the current needs of the district heating system, and increased future consumption that will occur at the moment when the current network of district heating expands to the suburban areas.

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