Representatives of the Municipality of Zenica headed by the Mayor Husejin Smajlovic, Mr. Haris Masic, director of KTG Zenica d.o.o., municipal councillors, many experts in the field of energy and ecology, and journalists, visited last Friday the thermal power plant in Zagreb.
The aim of the visit was to familiarize this delegation with the operation mode of the power plant, given that it is planned to construct the similar, but more modern power plant in Zenica, which will use the natural gas as a fuel, and as a backup, extra light oil. The delegation was fascinated with first impressions. In the close vicinity to the power plant there are many greenhouses where vegetables are grown, which indicates that there are no major air pollution, as confirmed later by the Management of the plant. The visit of the outside and inside part of the facility was a enjoyable surprise.

According to the statement of Mr. Haris Masic, director of KTG Zenica d.o.o., the power plant in Zenica whould be one generation ahead of the plant in Zagreb and more modern, and he added:

“KTG will improve the overall situation in BIH. The long lasting problem of district heating will be resolved in Zenica, which is a main issue for its population. In regards to the fuel, we have BH Gas who can supply us with the natural gas on regular basis and we could become their most important customer, as they have a burden in the winter period, while in the summer period they are half-empty ”

Branko Montenegro, the President of the Board of KTG AG Lugano:

“We organized today’s visit in order to present to the citizens of Zenica, the fact that such plants has already been made. You’ve seen a high environmental standards, technology of the 21st century, and that such plant don’t represent no risk for the city. Disputes in the Federation of BIH are more conflicts of interested parties, where one part represents progressive improvement, while others are conservative. I am convinced that the progressive force will prevail. The future power plant in Zenica will use the natural gas as a fuel, and kerosene as an alternative one. Regarding the rumours about the shortage of gas, theses are all political games in Europe. Currently, there are struggles for the South Stream, for Nabucco, there is a problem with Libya and in Africa. Natural gas is energy source that counts. We are waiting for the approval of the Government of BIH Federation in order to go further with the project.”

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