• The project is a joint venture (JV) between the Municipality of the city of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (25%) and KTG AG Lugano Switzerland which owns 65% and HTG, Hong Kong, China which owns 10% of KTG Zenica.
  • The project consist in the construction of a new power plant with combined cycle gas turbines, for the production of the electricity and steam, situated in the municipality of Zenica (B & H) .
  • In the last years the city of Zenica has had serious problems with the delivery of hot water for its heating system. The production and delivery of the hot water has been cut for numerous times in the last years leaving the city without heating during harsh winters.
  • This project will resolve, forever, the production capacity of hot water, ensuring for the future a constant supply to the heating system; while, all the electricity produced will be exported.
  • The landsite for the construction, which is situated in a strategic city location, has already been defined and awarded. The construction permits, environmental study, connection to the heating system and all the other local permits are a responsibility of the city of Zenica, as defined in the agreement of the JV.

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